Evidence-based learning game helps children to learn to read.

How it works


By playing the game, children learn first the basic letters and their sounds. Through a series of levels, they gradually move on to short and increasingly longer words. GraphoLearn dynamically adapts the difficulty level to the child’s unique ability level.

Positive feedback sustains the child’s engagement in playing for sufficient time for learning to be established.

Learning to read with GraphoLearn is fun and easy, so that the child is able to play it alone. It is like an additional teacher who helps children to learn important letter sounds correspondences, which are the building blocks of reading skill.

Try it out

You can try the Level Types Demo that showcases some of the available game types (requires Java), and the demo of GraphoLearn Rime which contains shortened versions of selected levels rather than the complete game.

Important information

EULA GraphoLearn 2017