GraphoGame at the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading conference


The Society for the Scientific Study of Reading held the annual conference of reading research in Hawaii in 15.-18. July 2015. UNESCO Professor Heikki Lyytinen spoke about the possibilities to utilize mobile technology and learning games in improving literacy around the world. Children can have challenges in learning to read either due to biological factors (dyslexia) or environmental factors (poor quality of education). However, regardless of the cause of the reading challenges, children can be supported by inventions like GraphoGame. While the GraphoGame was originally developed to support Finnish children with dyslexia, it is now being studied in over 20 countries across the globe with the aim to develop new language versions. The greatest impact could be created in Sub-Saharan Africa where teachers may have limited professional education in literacy instruction and therefore are unable to support children who are struggling with learning. Mobile learning game can provide much needed support for practicing basic reading skills,  and as mobile phones are widely used in Africa, GraphoGame can help millions of children to learn to read. The presentation pdf can be downloaded here.