GL Diploma

In 2012 Niilo Mäki Institute started a four year training program for teacher educators from four African countries (Zambia, Kenya, Namibia and Tanzania). The program was funded by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Class room

The focus of the GraphoLearning Diploma -program was to offer teacher educators the latest scientific knowledge and best practices on teaching and learning to reading. The trainees also familiarized themselves with the GraphoLearn™ and how it can be used to support reading skills.

Country teams participated GL-Diploma seminars twice a year and between that country teams organize local seminars. Each seminar focuses on different aspects of learning and teaching to read. GL Diploma-seminars were excellent way to learn from each other and to transfer knowledge of the best practices.

Niilo Mäki Institute has provided  training in clinical neuropsychology for education professionals in Africa. Assessment of learning difficulties was a major focus in the early days. Teaching staff of special education institutes and universities were provided with latest information on neuropsychology and two assessment centers were founded for clinical training.

In past ten years the urgent need for improved literacy rates inspired a new area of collaboration. Finland has one the highest literacy rates in the world and practically all children learn to read in three months time. International research has revealed that the major factor behind this success is the nature of Finnish alphabetic system. This means the system is consistent: there is only one way to spell a word or read a word. Many African languages have similar alphabetic system, giving the opportunity to apply Finnish teaching methods in Africa.   Niilo Mäki Institute and the University of Jyväskylä offer the latest scientific knowledge on effective literacy teaching methods. Watch videos on literacy education