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Videos on literacy instruction and GraphoLearn

Teaching literacy in Finland

The best literacy instruction in the world – fact or fiction? See for yourself! Three documentary films demonstrate how literacy is taught in ordinary first grade class in Finland. The audio is in Finnish with English subtitles.

Part One – Finnish first grade pupils learn the letter O. See how a literacy lesson is given in Finland!


Part Two – What kind of ABC books there are in Finland? 


Part Three – Skills assessment in Finland and individualized instruction. 



NMI clinics for learning disabilities

3:11 19,9MB

Learn more about Niilo Mäki Institute!


How do children learn to read in transparent languages?


2:51 13,2MB

What is the difference between English and Finnish and what do they mean with phonemic awareness?

What is GraphoLearn?


3:27 18,1MB

What is this reading game and what use it is Africa?

How to teach reading?


2:49 15,4MB

Different approaches to reading: whole language method and the use of phonics. What to use and when?

How to use GraphoLearn?


2:59 10,5MB

How do you use the game and what benefits does it give?

GraphoLearn as an assessment tool

2:57 9,82MB What kind of information can you get from the game?