GraphoLearn (research) and GraphoGame (distribution) activities


The research (see ) of GraphoLearn learning game has been carried out in following countries

in Europe: Austria (Austrian German), Belgium (Flemish), Cyprus (Greek), Greece (Greek), Greenland (Greenlandic), Estonia (Estonian), Finland (Finnish, Finnish Swedish, Finnish as L2/FL, British English as L2/FL), France (French), Hungary (Hungarian), Ireland (Irish English), The Netherlands (Dutch), Norway (Norwegian), Poland (Polish), Portugal (Portuguese), Sweden (Swedish), Switzerland (Swiss German),  and United Kingdom (British English).

in Africa: Kenya (Kiswahili and Kikuyu), Namibia (Afrikaans), Tansania (Kiswahili), and Zambia (Nyanja and Tonga).

in America: Brazil (Brazilian Portuguese), Canada (Canadian English), Chile (Chilean Spanish), Peru (Peruvian Spanish), and USA (American English and US Spanish).

in Asia: India (British English as L2/FL, Indonesia (Indonesian), Singapore (British English as L2/FL), China (Pinyin and Mandarin), Taiwan (Zhuyin).

The GraphoLearn publications can be found from:

Commercial distribution (Grapho Group)

The commercial distribution of the game (GraphoGame) is carried out by GraphoGroup. There are following versions available (see more

GraphoGame English

GraphoGame Chinese (Pinyin)

GraphoGame Nederlands (Dutch)