GraphoLearn (research) and GraphoGame (distribution) activities


The research (see ) of GraphoLearn learning game has been carried out in following countries

in Europe: Austria (Austrian German), Belgium (Flemish), Cyprus (Greek), Greece (Greek), Greenland (Greenlandic), Estonia (Estonian), Finland (Finnish, Finnish Swedish, Finnish as L2/FL, British English as L2/FL), France (French), Hungary (Hungarian), Ireland (Irish English), The Netherlands (Dutch), Norway (Norwegian), Poland (Polish), Portugal (Portuguese), Sweden (Swedish), Switzerland (Swiss German),  and United Kingdom (British English).

in Africa: Kenya (Kiswahili and Kikuyu), Namibia (Afrikaans), Tansania (Kiswahili), and Zambia (Nyanja and Tonga).

in America: Brazil (Brazilian Portuguese), Canada (Canadian English), Chile (Chilean Spanish), Peru (Peruvian Spanish), and USA (American English and US Spanish).

in Asia: India (British English as L2/FL, Indonesia (Indonesian), Singapore (British English as L2/FL), China (Pinyin and Mandarin), Taiwan (Zhuyin).

The GraphoLearn publications can be found from:

Commercial distribution (Grapho Group)

The commercial distribution of the game (GraphoGame) is carried out by GraphoGroup. There are following versions available (see more

GraphoGame English

GraphoGame Chinese (Pinyin)

GraphoGame Nederlands (Dutch)

Yidan Prize for Educational Research 2019 for professor Usha Goswami

Professor Usha Goswami has been awarded the Yidan Prize for Educational Research. She is a professor of cognitive developmental neuroscience at the University of Cambridge. Goswami is an active actor in GraphoLearn research activities and she is a member of the steering committee of the GraphoWorld Network of Excellence.

Congratulations to Usha Goswami from the whole GraphoLearn team.

More information:

Article in Frontiers in Psychology: GraphoGame – a catalyst for multi-level promotion of literacy in diverse contexts

The article describes how GraphoLearn/GG has been developed from a Finnish dyslexia prevention game to an intervention method that can be used not only to improve children’s reading performance but also to raise teachers’ and parents’ awareness of the development of reading skill and effective reading instruction methods. There is also an overview of the GraphoLearn/GG activities in Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Namibia, and the potential to promote education for all with a combination of scientific research and mobile learning.

Read the full article:

Ojanen, E., Ronimus, M., Ahonen, T., Chansa-Kabali, T., February, P., Jere-Folotiya, J., Kauppinen, K-P., Ketonen, R., Ngorosho, D., Pitkänen, M., Puhakka, S., Sampa, F., Walubita, G., Yalukanda, C., Pugh, K., Richardson, U., Serpell, R. & Lyytinen, H. (2015). GraphoGame – a catalyst for multi-level promotion of literacy in diverse contexts. Frontiers in Psychology, 6, 671. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2015.00671Open access